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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre-order cool/cold weather wear for your pet NOW!

If you live in the Frazier Park area, you know how cold it can get up here in the winter months. Brrrr! Your dogs feel the cold too, especially the seniors and short-coated dogs.  Sure, my Rottie Ace loves the snow, but the rest of the kiddos rather be snoozing under a blanket! 
What about a festive sweater or a reversible puffy vest for your furry ones?  I can pre-order these at a great price if you order yours today through September 1. The sweaters are on sale for $35 and the reversible vests are $40.  There are several choices of sweaters and the vests come in a variety of colors as well.  Stop by and I can show you what is available!

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