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Monday, October 22, 2012

L4P will participate in Trunk or Treat on Halloween!

Hey, before you know it Halloween will be here! I'm looking forward to the Trunk or Treat event on Halloween and I hope I will have a lot of visitors.

Even though Halloween is a lot of fun for everyone there are some safety issues involved especially for your pets.

If you take your pet out with you for some trick or treats, be sure to keep your pet on a leash and it's a good idea to use something reflective so you can keep a close eye on Fido's whereabouts. He could get spooked!

Most importantly, keep candy and chocolate away from all your pets. Chocolate can be lethal!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frazier's finest, Ziggy and Arnie!! For adoption!!

If you are considering adding a new dog to your home, you should really consider one or both of these wonderful dogs, Ziggy and Arnie.
Both belong to an Frazier Park person who rescued them from a situation where they were tethered all the time, often without water or food. How sad is that!?
Now the rescuer needs rescuing. She is overwhelmed with caring for these dogs while being ill. She did this good dead and now I hope that someone can do a good dead for her.
Please network these dogs if you can and if you know anyone who may be interested, please contact me right away! 661-242-1886.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moisture, it's very important to your pet's health!

I recently read an article about how most pets, cats and dogs, do not get enough moisture in their diet.  Much like people, animals don't necessarily drink as much water as their body needs.  In fact, a lack of water has very negative effects on the organs which require a substantial amount of water to run at full efficiency. This is one reason we see so many kidney and urinary tract problems with our pets, especially with cats.

Out in the wild, way back when, our companion animals hunted for their food and ate what they caught. The moisture available from the animal food source was high, about 70% moisture, plus the animals drank water in addition to what they ate.  Now think about what our pets eat most of the time now, dry kibble that contains about 10% moisture.

Not that kibble is terrible and of course some are better than others. That said, there is still little moisture in a cup of kibble and that's a problem.

One way to deal with this discrepancy is to provide moist foods in addition to the dry food. One can do this by simply adding some warm water into the dry food and letting the water absorb some of the flavor from the kibble.  Freeze dried foods where you add water to rehydrate the food is another great option to add to your pet's diet. Canned wet food can provide additional moisture as well since this type of food is about 75% water.  Of course read the labels and choose a wet food that contains wholesome ingredients!

Cats in particular are less inclined to drink from a bowl (non-moving water source) so it is recommended to provide a water source that appeals to your cats natural instinct.  Even still, your pet is more than likely not drinking as much as he really needs so it's important to sneak some moisture in your pet's diet so he gets all that he needs. You pet's organs will thank you!!

Continuing the theme of moisture and diet here is a link to another really interesting article on moisture content in dry food and how to get a better reading on the actual amounts of protein and fat in your pet's food:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo contest can win you 1 year of FREE pet food!

Your Photo Could Win Free CANIDAE for a Year!

Wouldn’t it be cool to see your favorite canine featured on a bag or can of CANIDAE Natural Pet Food? Well, now’s your chance!

Yesterday, CANIDAE announced an exciting new photo contest for dog owners. If your photo is selected as the winner, you might get to see your four legged friend on a CANIDAE pet food package.

That would certainly be something to brag about, right? But wait, there’s more! The winner will receive a one year free supply of CANIDAE dog food, too!


Submit your best photos of your dog. CANIDAE is looking for only high quality photos with your dog looking directly into the camera. Large file sizes preferred with 5MB as the maximum size. You can submit as many photos as you like until the contest closes on October 31, 2012. During the contest you and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries. CANIDAE staff will select the final grand prize winner.


The grand prize winner receives FREE Pet Food for One Year!! All photos submitted become property of CANIDAE and may be used for commercial purposes including packaging, websites and any type of marketing or advertising material.

What are you waiting for? Submit your best photo today via the CANIDAE Facebook page.

Terms and conditions apply. See contest for details.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oooooo, look what's new at L4P!

Okay, so you probably already know I like to shop... I'm working on getting in some of the cool products that I saw at SuperZoo in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. In fact I finally got in my first product from the show called the Dirty Dog Doormat. So much more than your standard doormat though...

This mat holds 7x its weight in moisture, repels dirt and is pretty darn cute to look at.  It's very soft to the touch so your dogs will love it (so will you).  Definitely goes inside the door and not outside. I will be using this when the wet weather starts at every entrance, that is for sure.  Don't forget it's an El Nino year!  

You can also use this mat in a dog crate or just as a place to lay down. I just love this thing! It's very reasonably priced, $25 for the medium and $35 for the large.  Comes in red, beige with red and brown with black.

What a cute item for anyone's home!

My next new product is something that I think people up here in the mountains will really like. This is an indoor potty for your dog.  It can also be outdoors on your deck for instance.  I mean who wants to walk your dog in the dark especially in the cold winter months! Now you can have this product readily available for those times when it's just not convenient to go outside!  

My favorite design feature is the "hike shield" for your little leg lifter. What a nifty idea! :-)

This indoor potty also isn't the "usual" fake grass from the past that retained all those nasty smells.  This product drains easily to the plastic container and then the ribbed design makes it super stable and easy to drain as well. The entire design revolutionizes this type of product. The "grass" is replaceable too as it will deteriorate over time, but it's a long time.  The designer of this product was in the carpet business so she gets it. The grass is easily washed with Dawn detergent and is then good as new. You even can throw it in the washer if you like. I would use a hose with the Dawn myself.

These potties come in Large and Small. Small is for your little dogs & puppies, Large is good for medium size dogs. Maybe you can use two large ones for a big dog?! :-)

A very thoughtful design allowing easy drainage

Made in the USA!