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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oooooo, look what's new at L4P!

Okay, so you probably already know I like to shop... I'm working on getting in some of the cool products that I saw at SuperZoo in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. In fact I finally got in my first product from the show called the Dirty Dog Doormat. So much more than your standard doormat though...

This mat holds 7x its weight in moisture, repels dirt and is pretty darn cute to look at.  It's very soft to the touch so your dogs will love it (so will you).  Definitely goes inside the door and not outside. I will be using this when the wet weather starts at every entrance, that is for sure.  Don't forget it's an El Nino year!  

You can also use this mat in a dog crate or just as a place to lay down. I just love this thing! It's very reasonably priced, $25 for the medium and $35 for the large.  Comes in red, beige with red and brown with black.

What a cute item for anyone's home!

My next new product is something that I think people up here in the mountains will really like. This is an indoor potty for your dog.  It can also be outdoors on your deck for instance.  I mean who wants to walk your dog in the dark especially in the cold winter months! Now you can have this product readily available for those times when it's just not convenient to go outside!  

My favorite design feature is the "hike shield" for your little leg lifter. What a nifty idea! :-)

This indoor potty also isn't the "usual" fake grass from the past that retained all those nasty smells.  This product drains easily to the plastic container and then the ribbed design makes it super stable and easy to drain as well. The entire design revolutionizes this type of product. The "grass" is replaceable too as it will deteriorate over time, but it's a long time.  The designer of this product was in the carpet business so she gets it. The grass is easily washed with Dawn detergent and is then good as new. You even can throw it in the washer if you like. I would use a hose with the Dawn myself.

These potties come in Large and Small. Small is for your little dogs & puppies, Large is good for medium size dogs. Maybe you can use two large ones for a big dog?! :-)

A very thoughtful design allowing easy drainage

Made in the USA!

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