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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Dog Training Course starting October 5 at L4P!

I am an advocate of training your dog. Not so much for doing tricks and such although that is a lot of fun, but in creating a language that you both understand.  Training gives you control and a form of communication. We are not all dog whisperers unfortunately so learning how to communicate is the best we can do.

My background in training comes mainly from 5 years of training shelter dogs for LA Animal Services in West LA. During that time I studied with Animal Behavior College and I completed their certification course. I am now a mentor trainer for ABC. I continue to take seminars with well-known trainers such as Sue Sternberg and Pia Silvani. I love working with dogs and find them to be wonderful students.

There are many methodologies used in dog training and although I prefer using positive reinforcement for your average dog who doesn't have major issues, that doesn't mean there isn't validity in using other methods.  However, what I like about positive reinforcement methods is that:

  • Anyone can do it.
  • It won't hurt the dog.
  • It's effective in many situations and so easily transferable to new behaviors.
  • It's fun for both you and your dog
My new class, that has limited space, starts on Friday, Oct.5 at 9am. It is 4 Friday mornings.  The class is specifically for adult dogs with little or no training. It is also good as a refresher course. 

This is a beginner class teaching "sit," "down," "stay," and loose-leash walking.  The class is an hour and the series of 4 costs $80. This is a bargain if you compare this price with other training classes. I do this because I really want people to train their dog and have a successful relationship that lasts a lifetime.

REMEMBER: The success of each dog is based on the work the person puts into it!

What you will need: 
  • Leash & collar/halter,
  • High quality soft treats cut into very small pieces (pea size), 
  • A treat bag 
  • A positive attitude and an open mind
Call me at 242-1886 or email me at if you are interested!  

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