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Friday, October 4, 2013

What will happen to my pets...

No one likes to talk about it, but if you suddenly die, who will take care of your animals?  Don't assume your family or friends will take in your pets when you are gone.  Many animals end up at shelter when their person passes away and their chances of being adopted, depending on breed, age and health, are probably not good.

I have actually known people who wanted their beloved pet killed after they die. Sure, seems a little crazy but would you want to see your pet at the shelter? Not that I endorse this extremism. Btw,  even if that is in a person's will, it can't be legally enforced.  But just the fact that someone would suggest such a thing underlines how important the issue really is to most of us who have animals as part of our family..

Your best bet is being prepared. Ask people you know who would want your dog, cat, fish, etc. Make an agreement with the person and make sure it is someone on whom you can rely.  You can even go to the next level and put it in writing and make it a legal agreement. Some folks even create a trust for their pets.

Whatever you do, do something. Don't leave it up to chance what can happen to your animals when you are gone. It's your responsibility to look out for your pets, whether you are around or not!

These are articles on planning for your pets in case you die:
This is a rescue that specializes in taking people's pets when they die:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Have you ever had something bad happen where you felt totally helpless yet responsible at the same time?

This is how I felt after my failed attempt to save a bird's life.

Poor little guy must have flown into my window because there he was just sitting on the deck with all my dogs hanging around.  He wasn't moving but he was obviously alive. My little dog Ike just sniffed him and moved along. The others didn't really pay him much mind. In fact it seemed like no one else had even noticed him sitting there...

Naturally, I wanted to get him out of harm's way immediately so that he could recover and eventually fly away.

I grabbed a sweatshirt to pick him up and walked out onto the deck. Right behind me, I now realize, was Maurice my little terrier mix. Little did I know that when I bent over to pick up the cute little stunned bird, Maurice would make a beeline and beat me to him! Maurice bit the bird.

I was really mad. I picked up the bird and brought him to a safe place but it was too late, he was dead.

Jump to 3 weeks later...

I am sitting at my store when a neighbor drops by to ask for help. She was holding a towel with something in it. It was a bird! Apparently this bird had flown into a window too.  Not only was it a bird, but it was the exact same kind of bird, the same color and size as the one that Maurice know...fatally wounded. 

I took the bird and found a box for his safe keeping.  He was scared but too dazed to fly. I didn't really know what to do so I looked it up online.  The info I found said not to try to give the bird any food or water but to let the bird recover in a quiet place. So that is what I did.

I kept checking on the bird, his little eyes would open and then close. He looked tired. Gosh he was cute. I wanted to pet him but I decided against it as it would be stressful for him even though it would be pleasurable to me. I just kept a watchful eye instead.

After about 45 minutes, I noticed that he was looking more alert with his eyes opened and curious.  I took the box outside and moved the flaps so he could get out. He didn't make a move so after a couple of minutes we went back inside. 

Another ten minutes went by and he was looking perky. I took the box outside again, opened the flaps and waited.  In a few seconds the little guy bounced up to the edge of the box. He looked around for a few more seconds and then, like nothing ever happened, he took off for freedom! 

It was a wonderful feeling seeing him take off. I felt I had done right by this bird. 

I also couldn't help but feel I was given a second chance. It was such a huge relief  having this golden opportunity to redeem myself for little bird who died on my watch.  RIP little guy and Goodspeed lucky one!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The appropriate age for kids and dogs???

I recently saw an advertisement looking for pet experts to discuss the appropriate age for a kid to have a dog.  My first reaction was surprise that the advertiser was looking for pet experts to define such parameters rather than child experts, but that would be an issue for another post.

photo courtesy
As a person involved with rescue for years, I would be inclined to say that it's NEVER appropriate for kids to be responsible for the family pets. Sure, they can help clean, feed and play with the pets but would I leave it entirely in their hands??? Hell no! They are kids!! Taking care of a living being is something that only an adult should be responsible for and I think we all know that even adults drop the ball when it comes to responsible pet guardianship.

Of course, there are kids who do a great job with a pet and who are responsible. However, my guess is that the family as a whole is responsible for making guardianship work out.  Adding a new family member is something everyone must be willing to take part in, especially the parents!!

I have heard this story before. A family gets a pet for their 9 year old son because he has been begging for a pet and swears up and down that he will be fully responsible for all aspects of cleaning, feeding, training and walking.  After a few months, once the honeymoon period is over and school starts, the 9 year old is getting tired of having so much responsibility on top of school and extra-curricular activities, so, the kid just stops doing it. The parents nag and complain saying, this is your pet and we don't have time! After a few more weeks the disgusted parent takes the dog to the shelter claiming "no time" to have a pet and then, if the pet is lucky, finds a new home, or if not, dies at the shelter.  Meanwhile, the kid is sad but learns a valuable lesson, pets are disposable if you don't have time. Don't you hate this story?

First off, I'm sure I sound extremely cynical but I have heard this story over and over at the shelter. My question is, who relies on a child to take full responsibility for anything, never mind a living animal? Of course it didn't work out and expectations weren't met. The reality is that getting any pet is a FAMILY responsibility.

Even in the adult world, expecting one person to always do everything for the family pet is unrealistic.  In my home where there are no kids, I am the primary caretaker.  However, my husband helps me!  We share the responsibility as needed. He doesn't throw up his hands and say, this is your responsibility and I will never help you!  We both realize even though I am the animal lover in our family that once the animals are part of our household that we both bear responsibility for their welfare. Taking them back to the shelter is not an option.

Bringing a pet home should be a family decision and unless there are truly extenuating circumstances the pet is there for their entire life even when junior leaves for college.  Don't forget that your "pet" is part of the family.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Senior Pet Month at Blogpaws! Cool info graphic!

Hi all! As you may know, Lola 4 Pets is a huge supporter of seniors be they our beloved pets or family or friends. Blogpaws, a website about pet blogging has designated August as Senior Pets month and posted some info. I Think this is a neat little graphic so I wanted to share it with my readers.

Lola 4 Pets sells food and supplies specifically with older pets in mind in addition to our other products. Feel free to ask me to special order for you if your pet has a special need. I will try my best to keep it in stock for you!

Happy Senior Pets month to all! xoxo

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is your dog a DOOR DASHER? How is his recall? Better than our friend FENTON?!

In case you haven't seen the "Fenton" video yet... a dog parent loses his dog who runs off to chase a herd of deer! Wow, he sounds pretty annoyed! Of course now the video has been spoofed and is a big internet joke. But, judging from the sound of the man, I don't think he was laughing at the time.

Here is a a good little article in Whole Dog Journal by Pat Miller, CPDT about what to do when your dog runs out the door... Luckily we are in the country so it is a little less dangerous than being in a high traffic area, but even so a runaway dog is no joking matter. Any number of dangers are out there and a dog who is not listening to his person is more likely to encounter them.

In fact, the advice by given by Pat Miller in this article is useful for anytime your dog escapes and runs off. I watched from my window one day as a guy's dog jumped out of his truck  to chase a squirrel. The dog bounded off without a care in the world with no intention of returning to the vehicle.  Meanwhile his person just yelled at him and chased him which drove the dog farther away. The man finally got in his truck to follow the dog who was now way down the street looking for more squirrels to chase...

A runaway dog reminds us about working on your dog's recall. This skill is one of the most important that you will ever teach your dog.  It takes a little time but well worth the effort. What you want is a positive association that brings the dog back to you.

Here is a brief video from Victoria Stillwell (It's Me or the Dog) showing how to teach recall using a whistle.

Just remember, don't panic! Don't chase! Don't get mad!
Stay calm and carry treats!! :-)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June is Adopt a cat/kitten month!!

Kittens and Cats for adoption through Lola 4 Pets and the Mountain Communities SPCA
for more info on these wonderful kitties, call me at 661-242-1886

Male 3 months 
Male 3 months  

Female 8 weeks
Pic taken at 6 weeks (now 8 weeks) Female
Male 8 weeks
Male 8 weeks
Rowdy (male) and Judy (female) both 3 years old (INDOOR ONLY)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, what to do when your dog growls at YOU!

Growling, it's one of those things dogs do... that really freaks people out. What does growling mean exactly and should one be concerned?  Moreover, how do I handle my own dog growling at me?

Understandably, most people are concerned about dogs growling at them as well they should be. A growl is a form of  dog communication warning that you are doing something that is making the dog uncomfortable. When you don't know a dog well enough to know where his bite threshold is in relation to his growl threshold (the time between the growl and the bite if one is to follow), get yourself safe immediately. For some dogs a growl doesn't necessarily foreshadow a bite but if a strange dog does growl at you, I suggest that you take it seriously.

On the other hand, if one's own dog is growling it is an entirely different issue. You love your dog, you've been very kind to your dog and you think you know your dog very well.  Maybe your feelings are hurt? So what's the problem with this dog anyway?
My bite can hurt too!!!

I often speak to to people who tell me that their dog growls at other people and is even growling at them when they are doing something the dog doesn't like.  I hear this a lot more about smaller dogs than large dogs, partly because people are more likely to tolerate growling and even aggression from little dogs since they are less likely to severely hurt the person. That said, don't kid yourself, a small dog biting you is no joke either!

The first thing I say regarding growling is that it is a necessary part of the dog's vocabulary. What we don't want to do is to correct a dog when he is doing something that is an important element of his communication with us. When we correct a dog for growling, we are basically telling the dog not to warn us that he is unhappy.  That could be a problem if the dog's next choice of communication is a bite!

According to dog behavior expert Pat Miller, the best reaction to your own dog growling at you is to STOP what you are doing.  If the dog's bite threshold is far enough away from his growl, you can stay where you are until your dog relaxes and then move away.  This action is rewarding the calm behavior rather than the growling behavior.

At this point analyze why your dog was growling so that you can understand what is upsetting him.  Once you know the cause, you can work on helping your dog overcome his discomfort through appropriate behavior modification techniques.  It's best to work with a trainer to learn how to use these techniques.

Hopefully after some behavior modification therapy, your dog will get over his anxiety and feel more comfortable with whatever was triggering his growling and then everyone will be happier!

For more info on growling, check out Pat Miller's e-book available through Whole Dog Journal!
Thanks for helping me mom!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring has given birth???

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I do love to enjoy the outdoors and see all the animal activity going on as birds build nests and everyone emerges from their long winter hibernation... Myself included.

Over at my house the unfixed feral cats have done their mating and are now nesting... In the last week we caught two pregnant feral cats that have been living around my property. Now one is safe in my bathroom and the other in my neighbor's bathroom. They weren't too happy initially but they are settling down, one nursing her 4 babies and the other waiting to give birth.

We will have both cats fixed when they are done nursing, socialize the kittens, have the kittens fixed and find them homes. The queens will be set free back onto my property once again but at least I will know that we won't have anymore kittens that would probably either end up as coyote food or hit by a car. These seasoned feral cats are extremely wily but I still worry. However, trying to tame these girls into being house cats would be too stressful for them in the long run.

I love my feral kitties as they keep the rodents at bay which is a real service if you ask me. They are beautiful to look at and seem so grateful for the meals I provide. I look forward to many more years enjoying their presence and I am so glad that there will be no more kittens!

For help with ferals within the mountain communities contact the Mountain Communities SPCA at 661-245-1062. Becky is an expert and has help thousands of ferals!

I also found a great site called Indy Feral that can give you answers about pretty much everything to do with feral cats! They also have articles from lots of other organizations like the Feral Cat Coalition.

 I will keep you posted on how things go with my ferals and their litters as things progress.

Don't forget the upcoming events in April:

  • Rock Walk & Wag 4/27 (see previous post for more info)
  • Mar Preston Book Signing event at Work of Heart Gallery 4/28
  • Clothing Exchange in PMC 4/28

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rock Walk & Wag event in Santa Clarita on April 27th!

Rock Walk & Wag is a wonderful family friendly event that benefits our great friends AngelDogs Foundation. If you haven't already heard of AngelDogs, I'm sure you've heard of low cost spay and neuter. Well these guys provide this essential service to the public at very low rates and do an amazing job. They also work with other rescues and shelters who can provide vouchers to needy people who want to do the right thing by spaying and/or neutering their pets. 

Lola 4 Pets is proud to be participating as a vendor at this event and will be donating 5% of the profits made to AngelDogs Foundation.  So make sure to stop by and bring your wallet! I will have lots of great deals on toys, treats, sweaters, accessories and other cool stuff for your pets!

Come down to Santa Clarita to join in the fun, raise money and just enjoy all the cool stuff that this event offers! This is a pet-friendly event if you have a pet-friendly dog. See you there! For more info check out: Rock, Walk & Wag!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WLA 3 pack - Van Gogh (a1355809), Carnie (a1347810) & Fonzie (a1373105)

Look at how great these dogs play and romp together. All three have been at WLA since December!!! Great dogs need homes too. Hope you can get down to the shelter to meet them and hopefully spread the word about this amazing 3 pack!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has officially Sprung!

Happy Spring! I'm loving the extra hour of sunlight now! It's just wonderful to see the wonders of spring up here in the mountains. So much to look forward to in the coming warmer months...

One of the exciting things coming up at the store is the addition of a new grain-free food by Diamond that I will begin carrying in April. This food will be in the similar price range as Diamond Naturals and very affordable to anyone. It comes in beef, chicken and fish varieties.  So if you are looking for a grain-free diet for your pet and don't want to spend the money on the premium brands, this is another great option! For more info check out the Diamond website.

I'll also be adding Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete to the roster of Diamond products that I'm carrying. This diet is great for the super-active dog like farm dogs or agility dogs. The diet consists of a higher protein and fat content essential for the health of a very active dog! This product will be in store as of 3/21/2013.

Other news that I have concerning food is not so good.  You may have noticed a number of recalls for pet treats in the news. Well in addition to the Bixbi Treats that I notified you about,  Natura foods that manufactures Evo, Innova, CA Naturals and Healthwise have recalled several dry food products. Unfortunately some of them are carried by Lola 4 Pets.

If you are in possession of any  Evo dog or cat food or CA Natural dog food that are from the recalled lots and purchased it from L4P, please return the unused portion for a refund. You can also check the Lot Code info below to see if your package is one of the recalled items.  Call me at 661-242-1886 if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, this Sunday!

Hey, come over to Lola 4 Pets on Sunday, March 17th to get a FREE shot of Bailey's in your coffee from Basecamp Cafe! 
Must be over 21!!!

Sale Sale Sale
$1 off all treats
20% off sweaters
Spend $25 or more and get a free gift! (not sure what it is yet) 

Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Take a pause for your dog's paws!

Ever since I've been advertising Paw Wax, I've been getting many inquiries about it. Seems that most people have never heard of it which leads me to believe that most people don't realize they should be thinking about their dog's paws!

Paw Wax has been around for a long time. Used by mushers (you know, those crazy people who race sled dogs in the Iditerod) to protect their dog's paws against the snow and ice.  Paw wax is a combination of natural waxes that repel moisture and cold (also heat) so that the dog's paws don't get damaged.  I think it is a great alternative to booties which can take some patience in getting your dog used to them. Plus booties are way more expensive!!

Right front paw of dog showing A) claw, B) digital pads, C) metacarpal pad, D) dew claw, E) carpal pad.

Paws are a very important part of your dog's anatomy! They protect a dog's bones and joints from shocks so think of them as mini shock absorbers. However, the padding itself can become dried out, cracked and sore. Poor doggy! One way to insure that your dog's paws stay supple and in good shape is to take care of their feet and make sure they don't get damaged from exposure to the elements.


Paw Wax for the active dog.
There are several types of paw-care products on the market. Some protect and shield the pads like paw wax used for before you hit the trails and others are more of a treatment product that you use to repair damage to the pads after you return from the trails. I sell both kinds of products, paw balm and paw wax.

Some other recommendations regarding winter care in particular is to avoid having your pooch walk on de-icing solvents like salt. That can very harsh to the paw. If for some reason you are forced to walk on salt be sure to wipe off your dog's feet immediately since salt is an irritant extraordinaire!  Make sure you check between the toes too, little pieces can get stuck in there.

If your dog's feet do become cracked and irritated then waste no time in getting a balm that will help heal the damage and restore a healthy paw pad. Seriously, don't use human products on your pet's feet as it can do more harm than good. If you are the crafty type maybe you can do some research and make your own salve using natural products or you can mosey on down to Lola 4 Pets and I will happily sell you a good product (at a great price) to get your doggie's paws back to normal.
NUTRI-VET NU-BALM CREME is ideal for both canine and feline. NU-BALM is a special moisturizing cream that helps promote soft foot pads and reduce cracking. Glycerin, aloe and vitamin E combined with calendula, grapefruit seed, aloe and rosemary make this ideal also for the care of minor scrapes, cuts or general skin irritations. 

Now that you've been schooled on paw pad care, the next issue is nails which I believe are equally important! As a person who lives with an Italian Greyhound, nails have always been an integral part of the  grooming routine.

One thing that a lot of people don't like to do is cut their dog's nails.  There are several groomers here on the mountain who would be happy to help you out.  However, I also posted some instructions on how to do it yourself.  It's really not that hard to do if you have a decent nail clipper and some patience. It's a good idea to be prepared with some styptic powder in case you hit the blood vessel in the nail, not a huge deal but they bleed a lot.

When the nails get too long it can really be bad for your dog's paws and joints in that it impairs the natural motion of their gait. I think you could compare it to wearing high heels. You just can't walk right! The nails should be just above the floor so if you are hearing a lot of clicking when they walk on the hardwood floor, it is time for a pedicure!

Take care of your dog's paws and they will take your dog far on the journey of life!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blue Buffalo now available at L4P.

I am excited to announce the arrival of Blue Buffalo dog food at our store. I had gotten some requests for this brand so I decided to do a little research.  I'm happy to report that Blue Buffalo has a lot of really great benefits to it. In particular, all the dry food contains Lifesource bits that are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidents that are cold formed to retain their potency. Kinda cool!

Right now I'm carrying Blue Wilderness, Basics and Longevity.

  • Wilderness is a grain free high protein diet that is great for an active dog.
  • Basics is a limited ingredient diet for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts.
  • Longevity is a great diet for seniors or overweight dogs.
Check out their website for more info on Blue Buffalo dog food!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Cookie wants you to buy your fur kids Valentine gifts at L4P! 
We are gearing up for Valentine's Day! Treat your pet to something special!

Lions and Tigers...

And bears!!! Oh My!
Plus all the treats, bones and accessories your pets love at great prices. Shop local! <3

Monday, January 14, 2013

More Cool stuff just in! Including items for the great outdoors.

Back by popular demand, Zoom Groom dog brush. It's like a doggie massage and hair brush at the same time!
Travel Bowls

Put an LED light on your dog's collar before you send him off in the night!

Of course if the dog won't return to your call, try a dog whistle! British and American versions.

Fun chew toys have arrived! All sizes and shapes for your dog.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's 2013, so what else is new? PLENTY!

Lots of new things going on at L4P in January 2013. First off we are in the midst of WINTER and I have some really cute sweaters that would look amazing on your pup and not cost a fortune. I'm carrying them in most sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Big doggies can get chilly too you know! 
For those dogs who need more serious snow protection I still have the step-in style polar fleece vests that have the water resistant under coverage for wet weather. 

For the Girls

For the Boys 

Also, I now have more of those fabulous super absorbent door mats, The Dirty Dog Doormat! Large: $35 Med: $25. Very cute & practical. Get yours now!

Coming Soon... Tough toys in multiple sizes from JW Pets and Multipet, both companies with innovative toys!  These chew toys are meant for dogs of all sizes and chew strengths. People often ask me about a toy that won't be destroyed by their dog in 10 minutes. Here are some options:
Treat Pod by JW Pet

Knobbly Wobbly by Multipet

Megalast Ball by JW Pet

Finally, I'm also getting in Nite Ize LED lights for your dog/cat collar so you can spot them in the dark! Up here in the mountains that can come in handy!!!

 Hope to see you soon!