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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is your dog a DOOR DASHER? How is his recall? Better than our friend FENTON?!

In case you haven't seen the "Fenton" video yet... a dog parent loses his dog who runs off to chase a herd of deer! Wow, he sounds pretty annoyed! Of course now the video has been spoofed and is a big internet joke. But, judging from the sound of the man, I don't think he was laughing at the time.

Here is a a good little article in Whole Dog Journal by Pat Miller, CPDT about what to do when your dog runs out the door... Luckily we are in the country so it is a little less dangerous than being in a high traffic area, but even so a runaway dog is no joking matter. Any number of dangers are out there and a dog who is not listening to his person is more likely to encounter them.

In fact, the advice by given by Pat Miller in this article is useful for anytime your dog escapes and runs off. I watched from my window one day as a guy's dog jumped out of his truck  to chase a squirrel. The dog bounded off without a care in the world with no intention of returning to the vehicle.  Meanwhile his person just yelled at him and chased him which drove the dog farther away. The man finally got in his truck to follow the dog who was now way down the street looking for more squirrels to chase...

A runaway dog reminds us about working on your dog's recall. This skill is one of the most important that you will ever teach your dog.  It takes a little time but well worth the effort. What you want is a positive association that brings the dog back to you.

Here is a brief video from Victoria Stillwell (It's Me or the Dog) showing how to teach recall using a whistle.

Just remember, don't panic! Don't chase! Don't get mad!
Stay calm and carry treats!! :-)

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