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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has officially Sprung!

Happy Spring! I'm loving the extra hour of sunlight now! It's just wonderful to see the wonders of spring up here in the mountains. So much to look forward to in the coming warmer months...

One of the exciting things coming up at the store is the addition of a new grain-free food by Diamond that I will begin carrying in April. This food will be in the similar price range as Diamond Naturals and very affordable to anyone. It comes in beef, chicken and fish varieties.  So if you are looking for a grain-free diet for your pet and don't want to spend the money on the premium brands, this is another great option! For more info check out the Diamond website.

I'll also be adding Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete to the roster of Diamond products that I'm carrying. This diet is great for the super-active dog like farm dogs or agility dogs. The diet consists of a higher protein and fat content essential for the health of a very active dog! This product will be in store as of 3/21/2013.

Other news that I have concerning food is not so good.  You may have noticed a number of recalls for pet treats in the news. Well in addition to the Bixbi Treats that I notified you about,  Natura foods that manufactures Evo, Innova, CA Naturals and Healthwise have recalled several dry food products. Unfortunately some of them are carried by Lola 4 Pets.

If you are in possession of any  Evo dog or cat food or CA Natural dog food that are from the recalled lots and purchased it from L4P, please return the unused portion for a refund. You can also check the Lot Code info below to see if your package is one of the recalled items.  Call me at 661-242-1886 if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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  1. Thank you lola, i too have many queries about Speciality Dog Supplies, i call you soon to resolve my queries.